Vintage Red Wines Of South Africa Exceptional After 50 Years

Posted on Mon May 30, 2016.

We hosted a wine tasting in May 2016 of exceptionally rare and old South African red wines from our collection. The guests in attendance were an exclusive group of some of South Africa’s top wine personalities.

This tasting was historic and special due to the fact that it proved how South African red wines are still in top condition after 40 – 50 years, if preserved correctly.

Some of these wines were made by winemakers like Duimpie Bailey, who had the privilege to taste one his own wines 53 years after he made it. That specific Pinotage was described by Johan Malan as the best Pinotage he has ever tasted. Beyers Truter gave the same wine a score of 20/20 and described it as the most perfect wine

Terms like “crown jewels” and “Picasso’s” were used by Danie de Wet when describing some of the wines.

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